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About Us

The Human Resource Learning Center (HRLC) – Optimizing Individual and Organizational Performance

HRLC is a management consulting firm specializing in developing organizational solutions that address both staff and system requirements. Our experienced consultants are accomplished in human resources development, assessment, design, training, and organizational development.

John T. Butler, President & CEO is a nationally recognized facilitator and motivational speaker. He serves as the firm’s senior consultant, bringing more than twenty years of experience.  John’s numerous design and facilitation of organizational assessments and development include:  leadership and management training, teaming and team building, work process improvement, and executive coaching.

John’s practical and integrated approach to organizational and leadership development is underscored by his familiarity with psychosocial and interpersonal skills development.  His full command of current industry solutions, coupled with keen insights into organizational dynamics, guarantees the timely support your mission requires.

John’s formal training includes a Master’s in Education, Guidance, Counseling and Studies in Theology.  He is certified for Group Work and Group Psychotherapy, and qualified to administer the Myers Briggs Type Indicator.